DIY: Throw a crazy onesie party


If you tend to feel slightly melancholic around important dates like birthdays and anniversaries, we know of a way that will make you feel amazing. What can it be? An awesome onesie party!

When you’re feeling down, you need something fun to do. Something that will make time fly by, something that will activate your creativity, and keep you busy.

So, this time, we have a whole lot of tips and tricks that will help you to throw an awesome onesie party. Whether it’s your birthday, your friend’s or your partner’s, or a simple feel-good party, these will be helpful.

DIY Onesie party:

* Onesie time!

You need to prepare your favorite onesie, and make sure every guest shows up in theirs. You know, it won’t be a onesie party if your guests aren’t wearing their own onesies! Also, tell people that cute pajamas are also allowed if they don’t own a onesie. This part is also handy – you get to know who still doesn’t have a onesie so you can buy them one for their birthday or for Christmas.

* Don’t forget about the food

No party can be good without good snacks. We recommend the classics in this case – crisps, pizza, popcorn, cupcakes… Go wild, but make sure you have several different snacks at any given moment so that everyone can enjoy themselves. If you’re uncertain about what your guests love, just ask them to bring their favorite snacks with them.

* Decorate!

For a onesie party, you’ll want to pull off the old-fashioned slumber-party kind of vibe. So, pull out all the blankets, cushions, and pillows you can find, and arrange a chilling area around the couch. If you want to go the extra mile, make a pillow fort – your guests will love it for sure!

* Be ready to shake things up a bit

We love letting things flow naturally at a party. We adore seeing the crowd getting its own vibe, and conversations developing spontaneously. But, sometimes, your guests might need a little push. That’s why it’s smart to have some activities in mind, things that can bring life to the party. A game of Truth or Dare is an excellent choice, as so is Pictionary. If you’re out of ideas, you can always turn to Netflix. However, if you really want to bring people together at your slumber party, pull out your Twister – there’s nothing like playing this game in a onesie!

* The next morning

A real host knows that a slumber party doesn’t end after midnight, but after breakfast the next day. So, make a bagel bar for your guests. Prepare a load of bagels and a wide selection of different toppings so that everyone can make their own favorite breakfast. Consider getting cream cheese, tomato slices, some cucumber, hummus, nut butter, and lettuce. Don’t forget to prepare fresh orange juice, and your slumber party will be a success from A to Z.

In the end, we think that you can never be too old for a sleepover onesie party with your friends. Go wild, have fun, and don’t forget to take pics!