No Need to Cheat: Your Guide to Be Sexually Satisfied Despite LDR


Keeping the bonds of love and communication strong can be a struggle in any relationship. Distance can add to the burden. Learn how to stay connected in an LDR.  

Be Techy and Use Bond Touch Bracelets

The struggle of being in a long-distance relationship without the ability to see, hear, or feel each other, is painful. Thankfully, with savvy technology, you can use devices that will help bridge the gap between your separation, keeping each other sexually satisfied. 


The reach is no longer an excuse not to feel linked. Bond Touch, for example, is a gadget worn on the wrist that keeps a digital connection between two people far away from physical contact. It is a waterproof bracelet that sends a buzz when your partner is thinking of you. 


Through the app, you can share statuses and set up online meetings for your eyes only. Be techy and take advantage of every opportunity possible to join your lives and keep your bond fiery and alive.

Sex Talks and Erotic Conversations

No list of relationship advice is complete without some naughty bits. Of course, it isn’t so easy talking dirty to your partner, especially if you are still getting used to someone new. But being that you are some significant space apart, it is imperative to keep the heat between you burning in the hottest manner that comes to imagination. 


Take it nice and easy before you build the confidence to send your lover an erotic message. If this is new for you, surely your partner will be shocked and excited by your new bad behavior. Incite their curiosity for more. 

Once you get comfortable with naughty banter, discover what you both like to experience. Really get comfortable letting loose whatever is on your naughty minds. Say anything horribly filthy or deeply romantic to get a surprise reaction. Your mate won’t know what to expect from you. 


Even though you are far away, the mystery will bring you closer in a very sexy way. If you have been in a relationship for a while, use sex talk to revive the calming flame. Remind your loved one how much you think of them and miss their touch. Use your words to make them fantasize about everything they will do to you once you are in person.

Tease and Masturbate Together

Masturbation has received much notoriety in society, but it serves a wonderful and healthy purpose. Orgasms reduce stress and anxiety, improve circulation and immunity, and typically give us an overall sense of relief and joy. 


So why not enjoy that pleasure simultaneously with your significant other? Since you are not in the same location, you will have to be creative when finding a mutual time and convenience to share these moments. But be diligent. 

You can schedule a planned hour to touch yourselves, together, on camera. Or you can make a prerecorded video to send as a sexy present. Take on characters and tease each other’s fancy. The perfect gift that keeps on giving. 


This opportunity will also give you the time to focus on each other in a special, intimate way. Watching each other masturbate is like watching a movie solely about the two of you. Looking at each other through the lens, you will notice things you never did before — faces of pleasure and body parts that you might not otherwise get a chance to see. 


Not only do you get the satisfaction of double sexual gratification and climax, but the anticipation of what’s to follow. 

Strip or Surprise Them With Your Nudes

Long-distance relationships hold the unavoidable burden of remoteness. The need to see each other can be remedied by sending nudes or performing an erotic strip exhibition. The idea of sending naked pictures can be embarrassing, but the receiver who deserves to be blessed by your image will notice nothing but the beauty in your body. 


Use your shyness to play up your innocence. Start modestly by revealing little in the beginning and becoming more bold and revealing as your confidence grows. There’s no need to feel pressure to disclose more than you want. Feel free and toy with the idea of being more naughty than you might be used to. 


You don’t have to be a professional dancer to put on a show. Most people appreciate the simple attempt and small but well-thought-out gestures. Put on sexy lingerie or a naughty costume to spice up the moment. The naked-under-my-coat play is an effortless and effective way to get someone hot by surprise.


Making Mails as Your Treats

The power of the written word is often forgotten, but sending a heartfelt letter can change a person’s day. Do not underestimate the strength of poetry or self-expression. 


Love notes are unique and romantic. We cherish them for years because they serve as a wonderful and nostalgic reminder of a beautiful time when we felt wanted and appreciated. Think of how great you felt reading a special memo from some who loved you. 


Keep the same energy and send a sensitive text. Type a sweet email during your break from your busy day. You can even be old-fashioned by sitting and writing out your feelings on paper. Your intended will feel most special knowing they were on your mind. And as a bonus, a sensitive nose will be able to pick up your scent and be further stimulated by your aura. 

Set Up Dates

In some long-distance relationships, couples are fortunate enough to get the opportunity to meet in person on occasion. But for others, there can be long spans of time where you won’t be able to see each other in real life. In either situation, this can be emotionally agonizing. 


Whether it is face-to-face or via telecommunication, always set the time for dates. Taking these minutes from your life to dedicate specifically to your partner is an absolute requirement and something you both should be extremely excited about. Do things you know will make the event memorable. Try your best not to fall into a routine. Use the opportunity as your sexual window. Guarantee they want to return for more. 


Do your best to clear your hours and days, when reasonable, just to show that person how much you care even though there is a stretch between you. Long-distance relations are very difficult, by nature alone. But if two people are committed to loving and trying everything to stay devoted, the passion and attachment should be unstoppable, and that should be the goal of every relationship.